From the monthly archives: April 2012

Do Brain Trainer Games Work?

On April 24, 2012 By

A friend has looked for ways to improve his memory capacity and cognitive response, and thought that brain trainer games and software might work. As we get older, our brains decline in operating speed and performance. He’s been playing brain trainer games at Lumosity, which advertise that their subscription […]

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The Wall Street Journal published an article about how to reduce the risk of a heart attack entitled “The Guide to Beating a Heart Attack”.  It’s well known that most of the risk of a heart attack is associated with factors that are within a person’s control, including cholesterol, blood pressure, physical activity, smoking and […]

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The Boston Athletic Association, which organizes the Boston Marathon, produced a “hands only” CPR instructional video.  The Boston Marathon will be held on April 16th, and creating awareness of hands only CPR may save lives of participants and viewers.

Cardiac arrest happens at races more frequently […]

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5 Reasons to Learn CPR

On April 2, 2012 By

Here are 5 really good reasons to learn CPR:

You might save someone’s life. You may save the life of someone close to you.  80% of cardiac arrests happen at home. You’ll be smarter.  By the end of your class, you’ll know more than you did when you started. You’ll be […]

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