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After being diagnosed with a high LDL cholesterol count and borderline BMI measurement several years ago, I evaluated several meal and activity tracking programs for my iPhone before eventually selecting Lose It! from Boston-based developer FitNow.  I use Lose It! to help meet my diet and weight-loss goals and track fat and calories by entering my meals and snacks as […]

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CPR Training Required for Graduation

On September 22, 2014 By

The state of Texas recently passed a law, which Governor Rick Perry signed into law, that required high school students to receive CPR training in order to graduate. The law, Texas House Bill 897, ensures that area high school teachers received CPR training from the American Heart Association, who in turn will train primarily 9th and […]

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Two brothers have patented a CPR device that automatically forces air into the lungs of a person in cardiac arrest and, by eliminating the need for mouth-to-mouth contact, hope to improve the survival rate of heart attack victims.

The device started out as a high school research project and consists of a plastic […]

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Sweden has instituted a country-wide program where citizens can enroll to receive an SMS when there is a heart attack victim nearby, allowing them to reach them faster than an ambulance and provide CPR.  Over 1,500 people with CPR skills have enrolled in the program, called SMSlifesavers (smslivraddare in Swedish).  When its call center receives […]

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Common Sense CPR provides infant, child, and adult CPR training classes every month in Brooklyn and New York City.  Administering CPR to infants and children is similar to adult CPR with some key differences.

Infant CPR training is offered monthly in Park […]

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Zombie Video Promotes CPR Training

On October 10, 2012 By

This new Halloween-themed public service video, called The Undeading and produced the Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada, features zombies to promote to use of hands only CPR.

The video demonstrates that hands only CPR is so simple, that even a zombie could do it.  (While the clip shows the victim ‘waking up’ after zombies […]

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While most industrial food producers have campaigned against it, the following companies have come out in support Proposition 37 in California. Proposition 37, also known as The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, mandates that labeling must indicate whether food is produced using genetic engineering.

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Madison Rose, a shop in Brooklyn, NY that sells used maternity and kids’ clothes, is offering an infant and child CPR training class on Monday, Sept 10th at 6PM.  The class promises to provide instruction on the following:

Provide CPR to infants and children Hands-only CPR Heimlich maneuver What do to in case […]

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I just got started with week 1 of the flexitarian meal plan, and am cooking up some pretty tasty vegetarian dishes from the Flexitarian Diet Book.

The idea behind Flexitarianism is to reduce, but not necessarily eliminate, the amount of meat in one’s diet. Meat-based diets have been linked to […]

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Running for Beginners

On August 1, 2012 By

Salty Running features articles by and for women looking to improve their training and performance, and offers a free “Running for Beginners”  program that can provide anyone with a good, simple introduction to the sport.

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