Accidental Double Dose of Statin

I had accidentally taken a double dose of my statin prescription and was concerned about its effect. After speaking with my doctor, I learned that most medical experts say that, depending on the prescription, taking an accidental double dose of my statin probably won’t hurt me.

This isn’t medical advice, but rather just what I learned after speaking with my primary care physician and doing a little research for myself. If you think you’ve taken too much of your statin or have any concerns about any prescription medicine–including statins–you’ve ingested, get emergency advice from a medical professional.

My doctor told me that if total amount of the double dose is less than the recommended dose of the statin, there is little worry about drug toxicity. Double my daily dose of 10 mg of Atorvastatin is well below the recommended dose (depending on the severity of your high cholesterol condition) of 80 mg.

The Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium, a professional organization whose mission statement is to “will establish and implement a core set of clinical practice guidelines”, has a useful table of recommended doses for statins on their web site that I used to find the recommended dose of the statin I take.

In the event that one forgets a dose, pharmaceutical companies and health care providers provide different recommendations depending on the drug. The Mayo Clinic advises that patients not double dose their statins if they accidentally skip a day.

“Double the dose, double the effects” is medical rule of thumb. Common side effects of some statins like Lipitor include cold symptoms, tiredness, confusion, heartburn, and joint or leg pain, so a double dose may double the intensity of these or other symptoms.

I hope my experience researching accidental double doses of my statin prescription helps direct your own research about what’s best for you.