December 29, 2011


About Us

Our mission is to feature the personal stories describing health-related challenges faced by regular people.  More of “Here’s how I did it” than “Here’s how you should do it”.  General subject areas we focus on include diet and healthy eating; mental acuity and stress reduction; and exercise and fitness.  We strive to provide a couple of longer articles weekly, and links and light commentary when we can during the week.

Since CPR is part of our name, we hope to include listings of training and certification classes around the country.

About Our Site

Our web site is hosted by Hurricane Electric.  Articles and images are hosted on WordPress 3.3, and the look and feel of the pages are provided by PlatformPro by PageLines.  We work on Macs and manage and produce all our content with Pages, Acorn, Word, Numbers, OmniFocus, and Transmit.