Companies that Support Proposition 37 in California

While most industrial food producers have campaigned against it, the following companies have come out in support Proposition 37 in California. Proposition 37, also known as The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, mandates that labeling must indicate whether food is produced using genetic engineering.

Genetically modified (GMO) corn has been engineered to produce pesticide. While it’s regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency as an insecticide, GMO corn is sold unlabeled to consumers.  Prop 37 is intended to address this gap.

Are GMOs Safe?

No one knows – and scientists have not yet proven – whether GMOs are safe to eat and the presence of GMO crops have been documented to affect biodiversity, caused the emergence of “super weeds” that are resistant to existing pesticides, and contaminated non-GMO crops and plants.

Prop 37 Supporters

These food producers have come out in favor of Proposition 37. (You can also see which companies are funding the opposition.) Shoppers in favor of GMO labeling – and why wouldn’t you want to know what’s in the food you buy – should certainly consider spending their money on products by food producers and companies that support California’s Proposition 37.  I hope, in the same way that California led the way in auto efficiency and safety, that this proposition is the first step towards national GMO labeling requirements.

American Natural & Organic Spices
Amy’s Kitchen
Ancient Organics
Annie’s, Inc.
B-Alive Natural Foods
Beanfields Snacks
Beanitos, The Original Bean Chips
Bear River Valley Beef
Blackbird Naturals
Brad’s Raw Chips
Bucha Live Kombucha
Bumble Bee Health Foods
Cazadero Winery
Chappellet Winery
Charcoal Companion Inc.
Clif Bar & Company
Davidsons Organic Teas
Earth Balance
Earthbeam Natural Foods
Earthbound Honey Ltd
Eden Foods
Edward & Sons
Elemental Superfood
Energy Essentials Whole Plant Food Manufacturing Company
Foothill Organic Growers
Four Elements Organics
Foxy Treats
Funnel Mill
Glee’s Baking and Milling Company
Glutino Food Group
Good Earth Natural Foods
Grain Place Foods, Inc.
Granny Lulu’s Gluten-Free Gourmet Sandwiches
Greenville Organic Foods Organization
Gum Tree Inc.
Hail Merry Snacks
Hawaiian Ola
Healthforce Nutritionals
Heartsong Pasta
Hoa’s Vegetarian & Vegan Spring Rolls
Humboldt Hot Sauce
J&H Produce, Inc.
Kona Coffee Farmer’s Association
Las Hermanas Organics
Late July Organic Snacks
Little Bee Pops
Lopino Foods
Lundberg Family Farms
M2 Ingredients, Inc.
Majestic Chili
Mary’s Gone Crackers
Merton’s Maple Syrup
Mt. Eden Organics
Naturally Yours Organics
Nature’s Express
Nature’s Kitchen
Nature’s Path Foods
New Chapter
Numi Organic Tea
Organic Valley
Pacific Foods
Passport Dinners
Pines International, Inc.
Purely Organic, Ltd.
Rudi’s Organic Bakery
Rumiano Cheese Co.
Scenario International LLC
Sky Island Organics
SlantShack Jerky
Staff of Life Natural Foods
Stonyfield Farm
Straus Family Creamery
Sue’s Organics
SunRidge Farms
Sun Warrior
Sunshine Natural Health Foods
Tasty Brand, Inc.
The California Olive
The Grove Certified Organic California Produce
Turtle Island
Udi’s Gluten Free Foods
Uncle Matt’s Organic
United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI)
Via Organica
Wallaby Yogurt Company
Whole Living Naturals
Whole Soy Company