CPR Keychain with Gloves and Face Shield

During the class in which I took my CPR training, the instructor emphasized that, in order to be prepared to use our new skills, we needed to make sure that we each had gloves and a face shield or face guard.  She recommended that we carry a set in a “CPR keychain” so that we would always would always have the tools we needed to safely perform CPR.

CPR Keychain

Gloves and a face shield are necessary to make sure that you won’t get sick while rescuing a victim.  If there is blood on the scene, hypoallergenic gloves should be used to safely handle the victim. A face shield will safely allow you to apply recovery breaths while minimizing the risk to you if the victim expels fluid or saliva.

If you don’t have a face shield, you can still safely apply hands-only CPR.  While my instructor indicated that compression and rescue breaths were most effective for recovery, recent studies indicate that compression alone could be as effective as compression+rescue breaths.  (Remember this great hands-only CPR instructional video featuring actor Vinnie Jones?  My instructor mentioned it during class, and even timed chest compressions to the “Staying Alive” beat!)

You can buy regular keychains, which include a pair of gloves and a face shield, or mini-keychains, which include just the shield.

You can buy a CPR keychain though this link at Amazon, directly from the Red Cross online store, or from another vendor (some advertise on this site).  The Red Cross keychains are among the most reasonably priced at $3-4.