CPR Training Required for Graduation

The state of Texas recently passed a law, which Governor Rick Perry signed into law, that required high school students to receive CPR training in order to graduate. The law, Texas House Bill 897, ensures that area high school teachers received CPR training from the American H500px-Texas_flag_map-1.svg_eart Association, who in turn will train primarily 9th and 10th graders through hands on training in school health classes.  The bill amends the Texas Education Code to require school districts to provide CPR training to grade 7 – 12 students,


The training focuses on hands-on CPR and chest compressions, and what to do in emergencies, but students looking for actual CPR certification will need continued training through a third party.

One thought on “CPR Training Required for Graduation”

  • It’s exciting to see more and more states mandating CPR training for high school students. Kids are some of the best rescuers we have because of their lack of fear and inhibition to get involved in an emergency.

    One problem we’ve encountered with the Texas mandate is that AED use is not required as part of the training. With the growing number of AEDs in schools and around the community, this seems like a major oversight for Texas that most other states have not omitted.

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