Finding a CPR Class Online

The American Heart Association and the American Red Cross both provide easy to use search tools to help you find a CPR class online in your area.

CPR Students Practicing with CPR Manekins

American Heart Association

The Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) class finder at the American Heart Association is easy to use, and, for those in urban areas, provides lots of options on where to find CPR classes and training.  Click this link to go to the US class finder; to see the list of training classes, enter your zip code and how many miles you can travel.  International users can use this link and select the country in which to search.  I selected ‘Heartsaver CPR and AED’ when I set up my class.

American Red Cross

In my immediate area, the American Red Cross offers 9 classes next month.  Use the class catalog search tool here, enter your zip code, category (CPR/AED), date range in which you would like to take your class.  I searched for the title ‘Adult First Aid/CPR/AED’ to filter the list a bit.  When I made my class appointment, I didn’t have to provide much notice, and was able to schedule a class on the next day.

You’ll have to pay an enrollment fee for both these classes.

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