February 17, 2012

Image Attribution Policy

To illustrate the articles on our web site, we use photos and graphics that we create in-house or are provided online under the Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) license. Content owners share their work using this license to retain ownership but allow others to use and adapt (edit) it commercially, as long as the attribution is provided in a manner specified by the owners.

Creative Commons Logo

We try to contact content owners before using their work, but don’t necessarily wait for or expect a response; if the work in question is covered by the Attribution license then we use it in accordance with the terms of the copyright and any special display instructions we find from the owner.

That said, please let us know right away if we are using work of yours that is no longer covered by the Creative Commons license, or if you are concerned about our attribution of your work on our site.

Image Attribution Sample Text

We append the following attribution note to each article containing the image, noting the name of the image, the license that covers its use, and its owner:

(Photo: A Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Elena Gaillard‘s photo stream)

On images we own, we append the following standard copyright, like so:

(Photo: All Rights Reserved © 2012 Reed Allie Publishing LLC)