Japanese Coffee Enthusiast’s Hope Cafe

I’m posting this not because coffee is in itself good for you, but because, in this particular instance, it’s being used to bring hope and purpose to people displaced by the tsunami in Japan.

Japanese coffee enthusiast Yoshi Masuda drives through the stricken countryside with his old 78s, gramophone, ancient hand-grinders and water kettles, making delicious single-serving cups of coffee for recovery workers and inspiring self-sufficiency and purpose  to the survivors with opportunities to set up specialty coffee shops of their own.

His shop and charitable organization is called the HOPE Cafe and is run out of his bright orange VW van.  According to his web site, he plans to import and market beans and tea produced in the indigenous poor of the Southern Phillipines, thereby helping to build up that economy as well.

Check out his story in Japan-based filmmaker Mackenzie Sheppard‘s “Yoshi’s Blend”.

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