Making Seltzer Water at Home: SodaStream

My wife drinks a lot of seltzer at home, however the cost adds up and the  bottles contribute to our bag of recyclables.  After reading about the SodaStream system, I bought one for her for Christmas. It’ll save us a ton of money and reduce what we throw out as well.

The SodaStream costs about $100 and is available in red or silver (a more expensive unit that only uses glass bottles costs about $30 more).  The package includes 2 reusable one liter water bottles, some sample soda flavors and a CO2 unit.  The SodaStream is plastic and does not require electricity to operate.  After screwing in one of the filled water bottles into the unit, press the button at the top to release gas into the bottle.  Your water will be converted to seltzer after 5-6 shots of gas.

I bought my device at A Cook’s Companion in Brooklyn. You can also buy it online from the vendor, or Crate & Barrel, CostCo, Target and plenty of other retailers.

Cook’s Companion has a gas canister recycling program, which saves some on the cost of gas refills and is local to me.  You can also recycle with SodaStream directly.