I’m excited that you’re reading our first article at cpr.com! You may have ended up here because you read an article about or by us at another lifestyle web site; you clicked on an ad; or possibly just at random, looking for self-improvement tips or information relevant to your own heathy-living lifestyle.

We created cpr.com to serve as a writing-oriented web site for people who are health-conscious, and want to read about ways to improve their health and well-being.  We are probably just like you: regular people with health and lifestyle interests, goals and challenges; the only difference is that we love to write about them!

The site will grow organically (if that’s the best word to use for a digital entity), so you should see small changes each time you visit. I hope that cpr.com is a place you return to – maybe once a week to start, and then every couple of days after that.