Where Are You on the BBC’s Global Fat Scale?

The BBC in the UK offers a calculator that takes your age, height and weight to help you figure out where you are on the global fat scale.

How the Calculator Works

The calculator uses population and weight data from WHO and the UN to calculate not only what your Body Mass Index (BMI) is, but how your BMI compares to people your age and gender in every country, and in which country you represent the average.

Implications of Global Weight Gain

Researchers see that the implications on world heath and resources of global weight gain are a bigger threat than population growth.

Looking at the Results

My own BMI is below average in the United States, (and Tonga, Croatia, Somoa, and Kuwait), and, of course, above average compared to most of the world’s population. The app finds that I am most like someone from South Korea!


This is a pretty neat app; it’s interesting to find out where your BMI is on the BBC’s global fat scale.